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Wednesday, November 15, 2017
5:30pm Pacific / 8:30pm Eastern

Integrate your dreamtime and spiritual practice to heal your body, release limitations, and liberate your creativity.

Awaken your consciousness while you sleep… through advanced Tibetan practices of lucid dreaming.


If you’re like many people, your dreamtime is likely the MOST underutilized part of your day for actively cultivating your spiritual growth…

Most of us think we need to get that practice in during the day, squeezing it in between our other commitments.

Yet we have a full eight hours available — every night while we’re asleep — to raise our consciousness, heal from our past, and even practice learning new skills through the powerful, ancient practice of Dream Yoga.

This centuries-old Tibetan Buddhism form of lucid dreaming — being “awake” and aware that you’re dreaming when you’re asleep — takes you beyond merely participating in your dreams in willful or wishful ways and into deeper states of enlightenment.

This next level of lucid dreaming, according to author, Dream Yoga expert, and spiritual teacher Andrew Holecek, turns your nighttime into a time for your most dedicated spiritual practice.

Dream Yoga heightens your awareness in the daytime, liberating your creativity and consciousness…

As you learn how to build a foundation of nocturnal spiritual practice, you begin to experience yourself as a more vast, multidimensional being AND open to the possibility of more clarity, joy, and wisdom emerging during your day.

Practicing Dream Yoga can open the door to accelerated transformation, deep healing, and the “education of the future,” in which we can work more directly with our soul Self to receive exactly the knowledge we need most.

Dream Yoga is a powerful practice for uncovering and releasing childhood wounds, overcoming fears (including a fear of death) and transforming your waking life.

Andrew is one of the most seasoned Western teachers of Dream Yoga. He’s a long-time practitioner of Buddhism and has explored the further reaches of spiritual practices for many years. He’s helped thousands discover the opportunities that exist in obstacles, including hardship and pain, death and dying, and problems in meditation.

In Discovering Dream Yoga, you’ll get a glimpse into the more advanced stages of lucid dreaming and receive practical advice for navigating where you are — even if you have yet to have a lucid dream.